Etiquette & Behavior

As a contestant, you agree to only surf in the contest zone during your heat(s). When free surfing, you & all non-contestants must surf down the beach, outside of contest zone.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. If any contestant is displaying unsportsmanlike or disrespectful behavior, they will forfeit their entry fee as well as their position in the contest, no exceptions!

Treat all contestants, volunteers, judges & spectators with RESPECT! Nothing but ALOHA spirit.

Standard surf etiquette is expected. Closest to the peak has right of way, but don’t be a snake to gain position. When paddling out, make sure you are giving proper space to any contestant who is up and riding.


Judges have final decision on any possible interference. Contestants will respect judges’ decisions. If 2 surfers are on a wave, judges make the call whether the priority surfer’s (closest to the peak) wave was affected. If the other surfer kicks out in time and does not create a section in the wave and does not affect the priority surfer’s scoring potential, then interference may not have to be called. Interference may also be called if a surfer paddling out interferes with a surfer up and riding.

If an interference is called, the penalized surfer will lose half of their 2nd-best ride score. If a 2nd interference is called on the same surfer in the same heat, they will lose their entire 2nd-best (of 2) ride score.

Scoring In Heats

Surfers will be judged on a point system ranging from 1-10. Surfers will have an allotted time in each heat to earn their 2 highest scoring waves, with no maximum on wave count. At the end of each heat, each surfer’s top 2 waves scored in each heat will determine the surfer’s place or advancement/elimination accordingly. In the event of a tie, top-scoring wave will determine winner.

Judges will base their 1-10 wave scores on several different criteria, including but not limited to wave selection (size/shape), surfer’s position/degree of difficulty, length of ride, maneuvers executed on wave, overall style.

Board Length

Surfers in Kid w/ Parent & Novice divisions may ride any board type or size desired. Surfers in all
other heats must ride boards 9’+ or they will be disqualified.

Heat Check-In / Jerseys

Surfers should check in with the beach crew and get their jersey 15 minutes before their heat starts. It is up to the surfer to make sure they are on time & ready to check in EARLY for their heat(s). If you miss your heat, you miss your heat.

Horns & Flags During Heats

+ Single horn blast with solo GREEN flag flying signals beginning of a heat.

+ Double horn blasts with GREEN & RED flags flying signal 5 minute warning for current heat & paddle out for the next heat.

+ Single horn blast with RED flag flying signals end of current heat AND approximate 1 minute transition to next heat. The transition between heats may be shorter or longer than 1 minute so if you are in the next heat, remember to wait until the next SINGLE horn with GREEN flag flying that signals the start of your heat

+ Three horn blasts with NO flags flying signal a stop to contest, surfers paddle in.

Beginning & End Of Heats

Wait for your SINGLE horn blast with GREEN flag flying before you stand up on your 1st wave of heat, or you may be disqualified. When your heat ends, ride in prone (do not stand), or you may be disqualified. Then, report immediately back to the beach crew to return your jersey.

Last but MOST important of all…HAVE FUN & just BE STOKED!!! We are so excited to make more
NEW memories with all of you at the Westport Longboard Classic this year and for many years to come!!