Keiki w/Parent

If a kid is in the early stages of surfing where they either need some assistance catching waves or just need a little sideline support in the water, this is the division for them! No requirement on type or length of board, anything goes. Each heat of this division is an automatic “final”, each kid w/ parent will surf 1 heat.


This division is for beginners only! All ages welcome. Novice surfers are at the beginning of their surf journey….mainly riding white water waves, not much open face wave riding & not many turns quite yet. If you are a little timid of entering your age category but are still excited to be a part of the contest, this is the division for you! No requirement on type or length of board, anything goes.

9' Board Minimum Divisions

Junior Kahunas (17 & Under Men)
Junior Wahines (17 & Under Women)
Kahunas (18-29 Men)
Wahines (18-29 Women)
Big Kahunas (30-39 Men)
Royal Wahines (30-39 Women)
Master Kahunas (40-54 Men)
Master Wahines (40-54 Women)
Legend Kahunas (55+ Men)
Legend Wahines (55+ Women)

Prone Paddle Relay

Team relay race, prone paddle style! This race will be on the other side of the Jetty, toward the inside of the cove where the water is nice and flat. Like any relay race, the first person in each team’s lineup will line up & await the horn to blow. When horn is blown, first mate of each team will race to enter water with their respective boards and paddle as fast as they can toward and around (counter-clockwise) the designated buoy that will be set. Each paddler will paddle back the way they came, exit the water with their boards and hand off to their next teammate in line. Race will continue thru each of the 5 team members of each team. First team to cross the finish line with their board WINS! No board requirement, although an 11-12’+ surfboard or paddle board is recommended! This will be an early morning race before surf heats commence, exact time and day (Sat or Sun) TBD, once contest heat schedule is drawn. This team event is SO FUN, challenging and rewarding and will create memories that last a lifetime!

Enter your team of 5 into Live Heats (race is limited to 6 teams of 5), fulfilling the requirements of having at least (1) Junior (17 & Under), (1) Woman (any age), & (1) 50+. The other 2 teammates can be any age, male or female. Ask assistance if needed. $50 entry ($10/team member). If you need help fielding a team, please reach out to or message us on FB/Insta and we will do our best to help find you other mates!